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Scottish Census 2011 - 27th March

East Central

Edinburgh, Lothians and Central Scotland

Scots is spoken all over East Central Scotland. Scots speakers can be found in Edinburgh and in East, West and Midlothian as well as the areas round Falkirk and Stirling. In this region people often say whae and twae (who and two) rather than the forms wha and twa that are used in many other regions. Yin and yae (one) are also used instead of ane. In Falkirk and the area round about it you will often hear people use words usually associated with speech from Glasgow and west central Scotland. These include wean instead of bairn and wan instead of yin.

In this part of Scotland you can hear some words which have been borrowed from the language of the travellers, such as radge (wild and bad tempered) and barry (good). Poets and writers from this region include some famous names such as Robert Fergusson, Robert Garioch, Robert Louis Stevenson and Irvine Welsh. You can hear a contemporary version of this dialect spoken in BBC Scotland's popular comedy programme, Gary Tank Commander.

Speakers often refer to their dialect by the name of the place they live. So, for example, a person in Prestonpans who speaks the dialect might say they speak 'the Pans' while someone from Falkirk may say they speak 'Fawkirk'.

Places where you will hear Scots spoken in this area include East Lothian, Midlothian, the city of Edinburgh, West Lothian, Falkirk and Stirlingshire.

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