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Scottish Census 2011 - 27th March

Read Scots

Can you read Scots?

As part of the Scottish Census you will be asked to say if you can read Scots. If you can read these examples of Scots writing you can say that you can read Scots.

You don't need to be able to read everything in each of these passages but you should be able to say you can read most of them.


Sheena Blackhall - Novel

Seein her cousin warsslin up the Hill, she shook the crummles frae her piece ower the heather, an ran doon...
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Information panels

Burns Museum - Factual

Though his position in society wis ower laich for him tae hae the richt tae vote, Robert wis nanetheless passionate aboot ...
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Liz Lochhead - Poetry

it wis January, and a gey dreich day, the first day Ah went to the school, so my Mum happed me up in ma...
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Yvonne Hodge

Rab Wilson - Poetry

Cumnock, Ah wis juist nine at the time o the Strike Ah thocht it wis great cause we goat free meals ...
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George P S Peterson - Fiction

He wis a bad day: a nor-wast gell an a sea goin a da green girse. Dey wir no hop o a boat winnin owersoond...
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