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Scottish Census 2011 - 27th March

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This example is written in Shetland dialect. It may be difficult to read if you don't know Shetland dialect.


By George P S Peterson

He wis a bad day: a nor-wast gell an a sea goin a da green girse. Dey wir no hop o a boat winnin owersoond. Da only wye a gettin da doctor in wis ta set on da Aid lifeboat. An ta get wird oot a da isle, dey could do nothin fir he cam dark, an dan morse wi da torch. For dey wir no telephone at dat time. I warren I wisna da best a patients, for a tree year aald taks ill wi bein made ta lie still, bit I canna mind. An whin da nicht cam doon, Dad stöd oot a da lee a da lammoose an morsed ta Sanness 'SOS'. He morsed fir he wis stivvened, an dan he cam in ta hae a cup a tay ta waarm him, an dan he wid go oot an try agyin for a while. A very coorse night, very cowld, wi haily shooers, an blaain a gell o wind.

So du sees, dey wir naebody ootside in Sanness ta see da blink fae Papa. An if dey wir, dey couldna lift der face ta da ert. An da nicht wis drivin by, an dey wir despairin at ever dey wid get wird across da Soond. An dan, away late on, aboot aleeven o'clock, Addie Manson at lived at da Gravens in Sanness, happened ta see da signal. He hurried in for his flashlamp an morsed back. An Dad gae da message 'Doctor wanted'. An at last he could win in, an tak aff his heavy cott, an hae a rest.

Extract from Emergency! By George P S Peterson first published by The Shetland Times Ltd. 2009. Reproduced with kind permission of the author.