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Scottish Census 2011 - 27th March

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This example is written in Doric. Doric is the dialect of Scots spoken in North East Scotland. Many people who speak other forms of Scots will also be able to read it.


By Sheena Blackhall - Novel

Seein her cousin warsslin up the Hill, she shook the crummles frae her piece ower the heather, an ran doon the brae tae met her.

Seen, Isie scrammelt up, catchin tee wi Minnie an ran afore her diggin the taes o her button-buits inno the heather, climmin farrer roon the Hill o Leddrach, cryin on the slow-coach tae follae her.

'Race ye roon tae the Earth Hoosie!' she cried.

An Minnie follaed, pechin, fur the brae wis steep an the heather lang an wiry.

Extract from Minnie by Sheena Blackhall. Reproduced with the kind permission of the Scots Language Centre.