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Scottish Census 2011 - 27th March

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This poem is written in a dialect that many people in south and central Scotland will understand. Can you read it?

Yvonne Hodge.

By Rab Wilson - Poetry


Ah wis juist nine at the time o the Strike
Ah thocht it wis great cause we goat free meals
But money wis ticht, fowk suffert fir real
Ah wis juist a wean though, nevvir knew, like.
Ah couldnae unnerstaun, we'd nae new claes
When ither yins wir getting new trainers
Ah caa'd fowk "Scab", but ye ken whit weans are
Like, ah regret some things ah used tae say.
Ah mind ma dad in the kitchen greetin
Ah asked "Whit's wrang?", an he said they wir beat
Noo things are worse, an they nevvir wir great
It's aa chainged roond here since they goat beaten.
Ah'm nineteen noo wi a wean o ma ain
Ah've seen enough anger, seen enough pain.

Yvonne Hodge by Rab Wilson. First published as part of a series of sonnets in Accent o the Mind, Luath Press Ltd. Reproduced with the kind permission of the author.